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Geographical data

Breaza is positioned at the intersection of 45012’ north latitude parallel and the 25038’ east longitude meridian in the northwest of Prahova County.

Located on Prahova Valley at 45km from Ploieşti city, on the ancient road connecting Transylvania and Bucharest, our city can be reached by DN1 (E60) road and by the rail route that links the capital of Romania, Bucharest, to the west side of the country.

The city is located at a distance of 100 km from Bucharest, thus 75 km from Otopeni International Airport and 70 km from Braşov.

The territory is being part of the region of “Subcarpații de Curbură” and it has an area of 50.16 km2, bordering at north with the Comarnic basin and south with the Câmpina Depression.

Within the famous Prahova Valley, the town has some features that sow particular traits and distinct geographical personality.

The main feature of subcarpathian landscape is given by its relief, composed of hills and valleys, with NNV-SSE direction. The heights decrease gradually from 800-1000 m in the north, in contact with the mountain, to 400-450 m in the south.

The domineering hills above the center of the settlement are Gurga (“Micul Caraiman” – 743 m) to the west, with The Heroes Monument and Sinoiu (also called “Străjiştea” -742m) to the east, belonging to Cornu village.  Three forms of relief are specific to the subcarpathian landscape of Breaza: valleys, cliffs and slopes. The three forms are tiered, so that the lowest elevations are on the Prahova valley’s floor (425m, at the exit of Breaza) and the highest on the inner-rivers.

The most widely developed terrace, named Câmpina, has a relative altitude of about 65 m above the valley at Breaza. It occupies most of the settlement’s hearth, which includes Capu-Câmpului, Breaza de Sus, Breaza de Jos, Podu-Vadului and Podu Corbului districts. Nistorești and Frăsinet neighborhood are located on slopes, while Gura-Beliei and Valea Târsei are situated on miscellaneous forms of relief.

The climate

The climate holds to the characteristics of temperate continental climate, with variations specific to the hills, and has an annual average temperature of 8-9 Celsius degrees, whilst precipitation is of approximately 775 mm/year. The dominant winds blow from NV, being favored by the Prahova valley’s orientation, but 1/3 of a year duration it is calm, mainly during the period from August to October. Other present climate advantages are: long duration of sunshine (of about 1880 hours), high number of days with clear skies (130 per year) and the air rich in negative ions and ozone. Here are characteristic features of sedative-indifferent bioclimate (of sparing), applying little stressing to the central nervous system and the autonomic one, as well as to the endocrine glands. Therefore, annual global stress has very low values, and that is why Breaza is compared with the famous swiss resort of Davos, being in great request for the quality of its air.



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