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  • Ion Manolescu Cultural Center: Cultural, artistic and sports activities (table tennis and billiards). Official Website: https://www.culturabreaza.ro/
  • Brâncoveanu Park Sports Facility Stadium: – Matches of the football team “C.S.O. Tricolorul Breaza” (Saturday/Sunday at 11 A.M.), within the county championship, league A – Prahova
  • Virgil Dudău Sports Gym – Matches of the teams of “C.S.O. Tricolorul Breaza” within the handball national championship (junior I boys) and the Bucharest championship (junior II girls and junior IV boys); hall rental/hourly, for sports game like football, basketball, volleyball, and also table tennis and others. Contact number: 0721.911.965
  • Synthetic minifootball field in Brâncoveanu Park. Contact number: 0721.911.965
  • Minifootball field MINIMAXSPORT – Florilor alley, in the Capu-Câmpului neighborhood. Contact number: 0244.342.997/0744.855.749
  • Retirement Club in Brâncoveanu Park with board games (activities) like chess, rummy and backgammon. Contact number: 0721.911.965.
  • Retirement Club in Nistorești, on DN1 road, just next to the school/ kindergarten. Contact number: 0763.043.493
  • Enjoyable walk, as a circuit, from the Brâncoveanu park area – by The City Hall via “The Nut trees Alley” (Aleea Nucilor) – to the south on the Miron Căproiu up to the Trinity (Troiță), passing through two points with panoramic views over the Prahova river and the mountain area – the Train Station street (Strada Gării) (the house of the painter B‘Arg and the artist Ion Manolescu, the monument “We Honor the Memory of Our Ancestors” made by the sculptor Gheorghe Tudor – back to the town center. The route can be shortened from “The Hospital of Lung Diseases” by walking on Bulevardul Eroilor, thus passing by the house where Mihail Sebastian wrote “The Star Without Name”.
  • Annual exhibition of the Poultry – genetic purity –  Association „BREZEANCA”, scheduled on february 13-15, 2015 inside the “Virgil Dudău” Sports Gym. Contact number of the chairman: 0749.184.714


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