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Natural touristic resources

The resort Breaza

  • It is in the town Breaza,  Prahova county
  • in Subcarpaţii Prahova
  • Elevation: 450 m

Located at the entrance to Prahova Valley, Breaza resort is a touristic stop generating countless exclamation marks….

Natural touristic resources

  • Touristic Routes: yes
  • Marked Touristic Routes : yes
  • Visiting time: all year round

Breaza resort is relatively apart from the intense traffic of Prahova Valley, has a mild climate, fresh air and recreational areas and these qualities make the city a top destination. The resort is surrounded by forests of spruce, fir, pine, beech, appearing as small islands in the contact area between the hills and mountains (Raven’ Bridge, The Castle’s Hill, Lazului). Here are, pastures, and meadows covered by flora species, specific to the Carpathian. If you look carefully, you may glimpse: boars, bears, deer, rabbits, pheasants, ringdoves, and squirrels, animals that inhabit the surroundings, the squirrel being frequently present in the city park and even in households.
One can enter the city from DN1 (Bucharest-Brasov) or can reach the city by train on the Bucharest – Brasov railroad up to the Breaza station or to  Nistoreşti and Breaza Nord wai stations.

Natural touristic resources 2

The climate is temperate with no fogs, blizzards or sudden frosts, January being the coldest month and July the warmest. The air is full with oxygen and ozone (fixes depression, insomnia), humidity is moderate and the average temperature does not exceede 9 degrees Celsius. All these represent favorable conditions both for the tourism and for various therapies: climatic, helio and aerotherapy. The most important hydromineral resource for Breaza town is the sulfur spring, situated beneath Cacova Hill, which sprang from the valley of Gurga-Cacova originally. This spring belongs to   mineral water category, having sulfur water, sulphate chlorosodic, calcium, and its water is of high purity. Spring’s water can be successfully used for the treatement of following deseases: nonspecific chronic enterocolitis, a condition that requires choleresis treatment, biliary dyskinesia, chronic cholecystitis, postoperation sequelae of bile. The access to the source is difficult.
The sulfurous spring of Breaza de Jos is located in the south of Breaza and access to the source is also difficult. Water features in this area are similar to those found in the previously mentioned one, but the components have lower values. The water of the spring from Breaza de Jos is sulfur, sulfate, sodium, calcium hypotonic.
The salty spring from Mill Valley is located at a distance of 5 km west from the center of Breaza and the access is acceptable, although it sprang from  a landslide zone. Water from this spring is also chlorosodic, sulphate, bromine, calcium, magnesium and, hypertonic.

Natural touristic resources 3

In the center of the city, at the corner of Victoria snd Colonel Popovici streets is another sulfur water spring (10 minutes from downtown). Special therapeutic qualities of the waters make this permanent spa resort an ideal place to treat neurosis, surmenajelor, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, biliary or anemia. Simultaneously, in Breaza are: “Eden Foundation”, a health care and preventive medicine Center, offering, among other things, hydrotherapy, and air therapy procedures, but there also is one of the first clinics for infants set of “Juna American Red Cross.” In the area are to be found many tourist attractions (such as “Toma Cantacuzino” Mansion placed in the city’s central park) and numerous places for leisure activities.

Natural touristic resources 4


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