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“Honor the memory of ancestors” Triptychs

“Honor the memory of ancestors” Triptychs

Monuments maybe unique in the country by their conception, the three stone triptychs which have the motto ”Honour the memory of ancestors” are a specific form of unforgiveness. They evoke the great local personalities, who lifted spiritually and materially the three germs of the settlement: Breaza de Sus, Capu Câmpului and Breaza de Jos. The bronze bas-reliefs from the 30s belong to Gheorghe Tudor, a local artist which was overcalled ”the most national Romanian sculptor”.

You can find the monuments in the following places:

  • near St. George former church (Breaza de Jos) – visible from Libertăţii str.
  • at the crossroad of Gării and Plevnei streets (Breaza de Sus)
  • in the front of Capu Câmpului church, near the main road (Republicii str, no 231)

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May 13, 2016

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